Under Settings, you can adjust and customize the settings that will apply to your event.

You can change the following things, further explanation below:

  • Subscription
  • Contact information
  • Events
  • Workplans
  • SMS
  • Tags
  • Edit sign up

SubscriptionHere you can see your current subscription, upgrade and downgrade, view your available modules, and your invoices.

Contact information
Here you can add and change your contact information.
Including: account name, address, postal code, city, country, phone number, email, support email, website / website, CVR, contact person and logo. It is also here that you add your logo. Remember to specify a support email and a contact person.

Here you can manage and create events, view past events, and associated workplaces. It's also here that you can specify what days your event takes place over.

WorkplansHere you will find an overview of the settings for all your schedules. You can see if a shift swa is allowed, whether the shifts can be requested and who can apply for them.

Here you can set up your SMS settings. Who the SMS sender is, if the group and supervisor must send SMSs to their group / team, and whether a SMS reminder should be sent on the next shift. You also get a SMS log so you can see what your SMS balance is and the most recently issued SMS.

TagsHere you can keep track of your tags. Tags can scroll. Used to group and divide your users, for example, giving them special rights or highlighting VIP users.

Edit sign upHere you can adjust the sign up for new users down to the smallest detail.

This settings are only available for administrators.

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