The guest list can be used to keep track of your guests. Who is allowed to come in, what should they have on arrival and what guest list they belong to. The guest list is divided into 3 parts - ticket types, guest lists and tickets. Ticket types are used to indicate what a ticket is - for example, VIP, press, or a crew partout. Guest lists are used to keep track of guests, and thus the type of ticket and rights it gives access to. For example, it may be external service providers. You create a ticket on the guest list.

To create a ticket type under "Guest list -> Ticket types", press the green button with the plus icon.

Here you can specify the following:

  • Name (required).
  • Sub-names - eg year or other information, may also be a date.
  • Input - what input should they use.
  • Barcode type - choose between QR and Code 39.
  • Ticket heading (required).
  • Ticket text (required) displayed on the ticket may be, for example, if the ticket is valid for a specific date or if products are associated with the ticket. This is not visible on the ticket itself, but is something you should write in the text if you would like to make the recipient aware of it.
  • Image - you can choose to insert an optional image into the ticket.
  • Email information - the message you would like to have in the mail that is sent with the ticket (required).

Once you have created the ticket type, you can use it when creating tickets on a guest list.

A ticket is similar to the following example:

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