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Happenings can be almost everything. It can be used to organize parties, meetings, evaluations and anything else that you want to invite people to.

Happenings are like small events you do not need to make a big plan for and use our shift management tools. Happenings in Crewnet are connected with a resource, a group or workplace for example.

You can choose between a meeting and an event as type.

If you choose meeting you will be able to make an agenda and a summary and invite the relevant people to that meeting.

In events you are able to specify when and where, and when the registration should close and include a description. After that you are able to invite the specific people you want, send them an invitation and always keep hold of who has responded. 

You can also add comments and picture or even videos to your event, and let the invited persons comment in your very own wall for the event. It resembles they way you would do it on Facebook. 

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