To create a new event, go to "Settings - Events - The Three Small Vertical Dots - Create New Event".
Here you can give your new event a distinctive name, specify what days your event spans over and associate workplaces with the new event. You have the option to associate all previously created workplaces and former supervisors. After you create your event, you can invite users from past events if you have one.

Here you have the opportunity to set a deadline for supervisors and users, as well as the workplaces you want to create invitations to.

If you choose to invite users from past events, the supervisor at workplaces will receive an email about this and with the deadline you specified. The supervisor at the workplace has until this deadline to choose users they do not want.

When the deadline for supervisors is reached, invitations are automatically issued and users have until the deadline you specified for users to use their pre-reservations. Once the deadline for users is reached, will their pre-reservations be deleted.

The users get an email with all the information they need.

You must also remember to specific the settings for new users to sign up under "Settings - Edit Signup".

Then you should be well on your way.

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