Your Crewnet account may have more events. However, you can only have one active event at a time.

Events are used to separate and split your events, for example, if you hold an event annually. You will have a 2017, 2018 and 2019 event. That way, it's all not mixed up and you can better keep track of what's what.

Under Settings - Events, you can manage your various events. The first picture you see here, lets you see your upcoming events and completed events, as well as a calendar overview of the days your event takes place over. You can specify building, execution and dismantling, if you have divided it yourself. 

Clicking on an event will give you additional options. Here you can see a schedule for your event, calendar view, associated workplaces and available workplaces.

Simply click on a day to change it, or click the little plus sign to add a new day.

The roster is not restricted or connected to your event days, so you can plan shifts on any given day.

A workplace can be associated with different events. By associating workplaces with your event, you can thus control the workplaces that must be available in the event.

Via the three vertical dots, you can add days and edit details about your event, such as name, description, and if you have an important message or information for your users.

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